Creative Director of "Dawntroversial"
Visual Artist / Illustrator / Photographer / Designer
From Scotland but living in Toronto.
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What planet are u from?

Found this secret garden (and the railway tracks) behind a potential creative office space I was looking at renting. :) So lovely! Dawntroversial HQ, Toronto with secret back garden and railroad…yuhuh! Now let’s get creative!!

After run sweaty Betty

Watch out for the police behind me giving the guys a heads up for drinking in the park. Come say hi to me if your in trinity

Night terrors run last night… Ran like 8 or 9 km ?? Dying today!!! My second run ever!! Thanks for the support and round of applause while I was dying trying to catch up with u half way! Ha :)

Let me walk the line with you <3

Come visit me all day till 9pm tonight at Dundas street festival :) I’m promoting amazing oil for hair and skin. Come say hey I’d you’re about. Food, drink, music and booths everywhere. At Yonge and Dundas

Put a wetsuit on come on come on

A or B ?

There you go! How to make high heels comfortable ! #shoes #advice #heels #highheels #shoecare #shoeadvice #heel #feet #sore #pain #soreshoes #fashiontips #fashionadvice

#throwback ..just found this #duckface central ha love and miss you guys @teenah_h

Good times.. start to a good night and weekend with good friends and good people around me :)

Oh haiiiiii 🌈 of u couldn’t tell from the smile cheek to cheek I’m happy as fuck !

Mariposa folk play! This is the life……