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Best day yesterday.. Was cut early at work at 1pm, bumped into a good friend on her way to work, ended up day drinking at her bar with her friend, making plans to open a bar in Barbados, we all go to hideout, saw thousands of Board meeting longboarders skate past, Huge Jenga game, then drink in the house, then detour with three peoples birthdays.. And wake up at 9 to go to work to a text from my manager saying I dont need to come in till 4pm.. And I’m off for two days! Burlesque tonight I think! :)

Had the best two days and nights.. Saw the best gig last night.. Met the best people.. I love my job at Colette, all the customers asking me what I’m voting for haha, I love Toronto, and I wana meet everyone in it! Everything is so good :) I’d anyone needs a cuddle or cheered up just holla at meeee! Free hugs!!!! <3

Colette Salad…
And creamy strawberry #dressing
All made in house in the morning, along with our breads, croissants, macaroons, tarts…the list goes on andawn… Yum !

What a great way to wake up by one of these every minute for about 20minutes.. What is going on?????

Grill on the Corner and cocktails with my favs thanks to my best cousin in da world Ross <3

My first night in Glasgow tonight was pretty epic.. Started with all this lot and more at In Bloom launch pertay to congratulate my two friends, then onto catty for some head banging, then subby and then la cheetah for an awesome night (with a Canadian dj..) N to see more familiar faces and a whole buncha new wans. Missed the Glesga banter, guys doin tapps aff at the end of the set, wan mere tune..the clubs, the cheap drinks n taxis ..n taxi man banter from proper quality glesweigian drivers! Hame sweet hame :) wif sleepovers <3

Fucking Love Edinburgh and the Fringe Festival!! I wana go everyday! I saw the funniest, most random and entertaining comedian today Spencer Jones @spendals ! You should all go! I sat front row and he started talking to me and thought I was funny, told me I should be the one on the stage and then pulled me up on stage to blow my face with a leaf blower with disco lights. I would go back just to see him! Honestly, his show will change ur day! @edinburghfringe

Dindawns :)

Just back in Port Glasgow and already getting pampered at Reflections salon with my Mumi and Julieanne thanks to Amber! <3 feeling like a celeb, on to dindins with famalam and fwiendies :)

Yaldi I see I’m brining the sunshine with me….

Wedding speech with a perfect day, setting and company.. @mish1012

Wedding speech with perfect setting, weather and company.. @mich1012

This is true love commitment dedication and amazingness if ever I saw it. The love this family share and the stories they have shares with me are unbelievable. High school sweethearts, had 4 kids really young, married when they were 18&19… And 25 years years later and they are still so in love with each other and their family, surrounded by so much love and friends and goodness. Surprise to Michelle my Canadian mom! :)

Suuuu pwizzEe mee shell!!! Surprise wedding vow renewal after 25 years !! Kept it a secret for 5 months!!! Crying our eyes oot!!! Love love love!!!!!!!

So….this just happened.. After 4 years and I change it in Toronto and they put the wrong thing in and it for infected.. It will be back.. Need to wait 3/4 months.. Fuckers